A common platform for validation of aircraft drag reduction technologies

For convenience a RANS flow solution (SBW_Re27.3e6_M0.72_a1.0.pval.120000_Shock.dat) has been provided in Tecplot format (all files named SOLVER_SBW_Re27.3e6_M0.72_a1.0.pval.120000_Shock.z?? need to be downloaded in the same folder to be unzipped).

This solution can be used to initiate the understanding of the flow phenomena in the junction region.

In order to allow assessment of the solution or technology, the following CFD results (see methodology) would be required in Tecplot format:

  • Flow solution of reference test case.
  • Flow solution of reference test case with installed flow control.
  • Lift and drag convergence histories.
  • Assesment of the cost of the installed device.