Advanced composite for space applications: Design and Structural Analysis of CFRP Electronics Housing

Hosting a payload straight up to escape Earth's gravity requires a phenomenal expenditure of energy, and every gram of weight saved in either launch space vehicle or payload weight translates to lower overall costs. Satellite payload includes also among others electronic unit housings, traditionally made in aluminium alloys. The paper presents the geometrical design study, three types of CAD models being developed along with materials structural new concept design to be developed using autoclave technology, validated by FEM analysis for a composite electronic housing. Regarding the mechanical stresses study, static and dynamic loads calculations were made. From these calculations optimum CAD3 model and structural design were validated for manufacturing, but with increasing stiffness of the frame with box beam, for natural vibration frequency higher than 100Hz, during launching. The proposed CFRP composite electronics housing was designed in order to fulfil the multiple requirements set for the housings providing large mass savings.