Research and Development of Time and Energy Managed Operations (TEMO)

This presentation will provide a brief introduction of the TEMO-concept and an overview of the research performed during 2011-2015, starting with the results of the technology readiness level 3 (TRL-3) batch study. In this study the performance of the algorithm was analyzed, and a comparison was made between TEMO and a conventional FMS in terms of time adherence performance and environmental impact. During the TRL-4 activities different human machine interfaces (HMI) were created and evaluated with pilots on NLR’s fixed-based flight simulator, as to determine what information is required to meet all TEMO objectives. In 2014 additional piloted evaluations were performed covering a full motion flight simulation experiment at NLR’s Grace and another piloted experiment at DLR’s fixed-based flight simulator GECO, that combined all previous activities and demonstrated that the technology had reached TRL-5. All this then served as a precursor to the flight test activities, which will be performed at the end of 2015, independently using NLR’s Cessna Citation II and DLR’s Airbus A320 Atra aircraft.