Organizer:The Royal Aeronautical Society
Location:No.4 Hamilton Place, London W1J 7BQ

CAO Annex 19 calls for the PBO to focus on the areas of greater safety concern or need. The approach calls for greater Safety Management System alignment with the risk control processes and performance management of the operator organisation. The CAA intention to move to PBO will impact UK Air Operators who will be required to implement demanding changes over next few years. Many of the 255 Part-M Sub-part G Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations will already be planning initial regulatory compliance. In the defence air environment, an update to MAA Regulatory Publications in 2019 intends that aviation activities with a similar level of risk attract the same level of regulation, assurance and scrutiny. This conference seeks experience which will support transition to an enhanced Safety Management System that is more coherent with business goals. How are boundaries of the maintenance organisation defined – for example, does it include competence management and provenance of spares? Is there an equivalent to the CAA’s ‘significant seven’ safety priorities that applies to maintenance organisations? The conference will pursue examples which inform safety conversations and audits with regulators about the major risks facing operators and where best to invest safety spending.

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