AE Founders

Council of European Aerospace Societies

CEAS is a non-profit organization registered in Brussels, Belgium. The objective of CEAS is to promote the interests of the constituent societies on a European scale and European aerospace activities internationally. In particular, CEAS fosters the visibility and development of aerospace in Europe.

European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences

ECCOMAS is an organization grouping European Associations with interests in the development and applications of computational methods in science and technology.

European Research Community on  Flow Turbulence And Combustion

ERCOFTAC is a European Association that coordinates the activities and interests of the industrial membership of ERCOFTAC, with as main objectives to foster Flow Turbulence and Combustion research, knowledge and expertise; to support shaping research funding policies; to promote and enable research programmes which match innovation to industrial needs.

EUropean Conference for Aero-Space Sciences

EUCASS was founded by European aerospace scientists to improve the vitality of their scientific communication, the quality of their technical activities and to stimulate exchanges between researchers and industry end-users worldwide. It has a legal status according Belgian law, and is registered in Belgium as an international non-profit scientific association.  It runs large biennial conferences and advanced seminars.

EUropean MECHanics society

EUROMECH is an international non-governmental non-profit scientific organization with the objective to engage in all activities intended to promote in Europe the development of mechanics as a branch of science and engineering. The society is governed by the Council that has overall responsibility for EUROMECH colloquia and EUROMECH conferences.

EUROpean TURBOmachinery society

The society is aimed to disseminate the scientific  knowledge in both experimental as well computation  experience in  turbomachinery application for propulsion, energy conversion  and any kind of industrial  applications. The mission of EUROTURBO is to organize at European level a bi-annual international conference on fluid and thermodynamics aspects of all types of turbomachines.The Society pursues these goals, not only with bi-annual ETC conference but with workshop and other activity which could be jointly organised with other Scientific Societies.