EU-China platform

The EU-China Platform addresses investigation through a series of events on new methods, new tools and new technologies involving multinational R&D experts from Europe, China and third countries in safe, secure and green aeronautics. The Platform will be coordinated by International Centre of Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) and the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE). Several core European and Chinese partners of the Platform Consortium have been identified for their expertise in six (6) Key Technologies linked to Challenges 3 and 4. Some of them have already been part of previous EU-China Consortia (Aerochina, Aerochina2, GRAIN, GRAIN2).

Innovative technology activities will consist of a series of open events to present and discuss about future research topics of six (6) Key Technologies (KT1-KT6 ) that target the following sub topics:

- KT1: Propulsion Technology and Alternative Fuel including NOx and CO2 reduction, MDO, mission modelling, new energies for aviation.

- KT2: Flight Physics, including Flow Control, Noise, Design Tools, HPC and New Configurations

- KT3: Green Aeronautical Materials and Aircraft Structures, and Health Monitoring

- KT4: Navigation and Air Traffic and Airport Management

- KT5: Flight Safety and Security (including ice and fire)

- KT6: Smart and Intelligent Technology

Open events of different KTs will be organized asynchronously by KTs European-Chinese co-chairmen, jointly with the INNOVATE Chinese project.

Prospects of new methods, new tools and new technologies will be done through outcomes of open events. Dissemination of these activities will be implemented through an EU-China open Platform.

Chinese partners will be funded by MIIT through the INNOVATE project that has already been approved.