The previous AEROCHINA, AEROCHINA2 , GRAIN and GRAIN2 Networking projects were mainly organized in a centralized way with global meetings that did not provide enough time to KTs partners to meet in an asynchronous way. This format did not allow sufficient time to involve multinational experts in the organization (Committees) and the development of open events.  A way to mitigate this drawback is to introduce a new open and flexible dissemination structure with the Aeronautic Euro – China hub Platform managed and operated by CIMNE and CAE (China).

The main ingredients of this Open  EU-China platform will consist of  :

  • Aeronautical News, Digital Library (DL) with private area (including a search engine accessing relevant scientific literature ) ; 
  • Documents  coming from each Partner’s Web Site: reports, papers from conferences/meetings/ etc., presentations, etc.;  documents coming from European and Chinese Journals,  
  • Events (monitoring scientific/technical (Workshop, Forums, Short Courses, Conferences) and managerial strategic events and promoting joint Euro -China initiatives)  ,
  • Case studies  (organized in the following files sequence: abstract/description of the case study/test data/simulations/evaluation of results) proposed by scientific Euro-China  communities  ; News letter ; Calendar of major European-Chinese aeronautical events, ….)

The Euro-China Platform will be co-chaired by CAE and CIMNE and operated   by an Executive Committee with European and Chinese academic and industry members and also representatives of EC and MIIT.

A low yearly fee could be asked to academic and industry members as membership of the Euro-China platform for its operability/activities services.