Organizer:The Royal Aeronautical Society
Location:No.4 Hamilton Place, London W1J 7BQ

The Royal Aeronautical Society’s 7th Aircraft Structural Design Conference is the only Conference in Europe dedicated to aircraft structures and materials. This year’s Conference will address the challenges facing the designers of the next generation aircraft, as stricter environmental constraints and increasing pressure to reduce manufacturing and life-cycle costs mean the resulting aircraft will be complex, requiring the use of advanced or novel materials, multi-disciplinary design approaches and solutions operating in a distributed design environment. The Conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies to meet these challenges head-on, so your work stays at the forefront of aircraft design. You'll have the chance to hear from leading industry experts and academia as they share their ideas so that you gain the knowledge needed to further your own research. Working with the support of the University of Limerick, as with the previous Conference in this series, Speakers will address the current and future challenges facing the international aircraft design community. Progressively stricter environmental constraints, pressure for reductions in manufacturing and life-cycle costs coupled with a requirement for continual improvements in overall performance/efficiency factors are important influences. Not only are new and upgraded aircraft designs complex, but ...

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