Future of Aviation

Mobility is key to the wealth and well-being of postmodern societies – so is human creativity and aspiration. Looking into today’s visions of the potential of aviation, there is just as much to learn about air transport today as there is about future mobility and transport. The International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR) brings together the world’s aviation research organizations to foster the exchange of perspectives and identification of mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities. IFAR provided top level representatives of aviation research organizations with a distinguished forum for a discussing the future of aviation and mobility over the coming decades. During the past year IFAR members had the opportunity to consider the future of the air transport system as a vital part of the next generation of mobility and transport systems in a globalized world in the middle of this century. This activity represents a unique opportunity for the most influential nations in global aeronautical research to offer views based on very different cultural and educational backgrounds. IFAR members have different perspectives and professional experiences, and many members have published future strategic visions for aviation. Accordingly, IFAR members are well qualified to discuss the aeronautical future from a wide variety of different perspectives. The focus and level of ambition of individual IFAR member organizations is often captured in regional or national strategic research agendas. However, to date these various perspectives have not been commonly analysed and discussed in a global context. Given the global nature of elements of the value chain of the air transport system, it proved beneficial to commonly look for predominantly (but not only) global solutions, areas of commonality and regional aspects to tackle the challenges of the future.