Integration of Mission Trajectory Management functions into CleanSky Technology Evaluation Process

Clean Sky European Project is about to develop and demonstrate a large set of innovative technologies, covering all segments of commercial aviation. The Technology Evaluator (TE) of Clean Sky is a dedicated group composed by research centers which assesses the environmental impacts and benefits (noise, fuel burn and gaseous emissions) of the overall Clean Sky ITD output at three aircraft operational levels: single mission, ATM (airport) and ATS (global world fleet). TE assessments shall consider all promising green technologies selected by ITDs, grouped as clusters, forming optimized new aircraft solutions prepared under responsibility of manufacturers in Clean Sky’s ITDs. For large aircraft segment, the link between ITD and the TE is managed by Airbus through WP2.3 of SFWA ITD. In order to provide to the TE representative evaluation of future aircrafts equipped with Clean-Sky technologies (including open rotors capabilities in operational conditions), it was deemed essential for WP2.3 to develop a concurrent European industry process able to translate innovative technologies into simplified conceptual aircraft models for technology evaluation. In this process, Airbus specifies the conceptual aircraft relevant to evaluate Clean Sky technologies, collects and converts the technologies into this conceptual aircraft to evaluate the performance, the noise and the local emission gains induced by the ITD technologies. To manage interface complexity and to protect industrial property, the Clean Sky large aircraft conceptual platforms are included and delivered to the TE, for operational evaluation, through an integrated and innovative calculation tool, developed by Airbus for TE needs, called PANEM. This article will focus on the specificities of the integration into PANEM of Mission Technology Management (MTM) functions, such as Adaptive Increase Glide Slope (A-IGS), Multi-Criteria Departure Procedure (MCDP) or Multi Step Cruise (MSC).