Jumbo City Flyer

Aviation is forecasted to grow at around 5% every year for next few decades. The internal air traffic within Asia has increased substantially and this increased demand in Asia is driving the growth in aviation. A substantial part of the air traffic within Asia is marked within mega cities (with population of around 10 million).At present big aircraft (like Boeing 747 or Airbus A330 & A340) are being used to carry passengers between several of these cities which are separated by less than 2000km. However these large aircraft are optimized for long range missions and are thus inefficient when used on these short range missions. Apart from being expensive in terms of operating costs, these aircraft also produce more emissions per passenger km. The present paper discusses a proposal for a short range aircraft which can carry around 500 passengers for the year 2025. The proposed aircraft called the “Jumbo City Flyer”, has payload characteristics similar to Boeing 747-400 but the fuel efficiency of a turboprop. This proposed aircraft can help in cutting down the emissions from aviation to a significant extent. The proposed aircraft is a new concept in civil aviation that has the potential to meet the future energy demands in aviation as well as being sustainable.