Micro Laser Sintering capabilities opens the door for long endurance flights supported by light weight and precise micro parts

The research of the medium or far space is one of the major assets of people to find their roots. So the requirements are increasing to requirements to technologies and equipment for a capability of consequent lightweight structures. The aerospace science and the R&D departments of space agencies are developing and innovating all fields with the goals of functional integration and miniaturization of the devices. Further new materials influence the parts and devices which cause new technologies for manufacturing. The new processing technology of Micro Laser Sintering has got the potential to serve applications which meets the requirements for medical parts latest generation. The technology produce micro parts from small article size powder and a CAD model by a small focussed laser beam. In result complex and very precise parts can be manufactured. The quality of surface meets new estimations. All et all with such a technology the development of medical equipment gets a boos, because non producible parts become contrivable.