The influence of the drag dynamic stall in the vawt starting efficiency

In this paper was studied the behaviour of a vertical axis wind turbine at the starting moment. To capture this behaviour has been done a series of numerical analysis with CFD methods. The complexity and the unsteady characteristics of this type of wind turbine can be study by using the RANS models. The flow in this case was study for one value of tip speed ratio (TSR=1). For determining the influence of the dynamic stall two cases were study, one case with an airfoil standalone and one case with airfoil in configuration on vertical axis wind turbine Darrieus type. Because of the low Reynolds number, the SST transition model was use to do study. All the simulations were done in 2D with two domains, rotor and stator. The mesh was done with CEM CFD using the blocking method. For this study the NACA 0018 airfoil was used.