EXPLIC Program EXPloration of the LImits of a "drop-in" jet fuel

Progress in aeronautical and space sciences often has its roots in University laboratories and Research Establishments. To keep its rank in the international competition, Europe needs to keep vigorously supporting these research players. It also has to foster scientifi c exchange between all these entities and its end users, namely the aerospace Industry and Agencies. This is done in part thanks to the dedication of non-profi t European aerospace associations like Eucass and CEAS, through the conferences they organise. Additional stimulus is to come from the collaboration of these two societies with other learned associations dedicated to disciplines like mechanics or applied mathematics and which serve other human activities like ground transport, energy production and usage, etc. This is the purpose of the E-CAero project, funded by the EU since 2010. Cross fertilisation and collaboration between all these economic sectors is anticipated to stimulate aerospace R&D. The Onera presentation of Mickaël Sicard is brought to you by Eucass under the E-CAero umbrella.