Organizer:Royal Aeronautical Society
Location:London, UK

It is over 40 years since the first NASA workshop where the phrase Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) was used. This extraordinary event is seen as the birth of what is now known as Human Performance. Subsequently, the aviation industry led the world, steadily advancing the understanding of HP, its limitations and consequences, most notably for pilots. Recently, however, other safety critical industries have adopted and expanded the collective knowledge of HP, some of them advancing beyond the aviation model. Additionally, aviation has evolved, with different threats and challenges. With forecast unprecedented growth, and a persistent core of accidents with HP causal factors, this conference addresses the need and the opportunities to progress HP in aviation with the goal of establishing a road-map for the next 40 years. The conference is intended for operators, training organisations, manufacturers, regulators and researchers. It will include presentations, some by key members of other sectors, discussion sessions and workshops, and the contributions made by delegates will help shape the agenda for future work in this critical area.

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